Geeks & Jocks Unite In One Galactic Night






By Justin McAdow

A long long time ago. . . .

 Actually, not long ago

 The Colorado Mammoth decided to take sports entertainment to the next level

 Bringing together Star Wars geeks, sports enthusiasts and people that love both

 Will the lacrosse players be wielding lightsabers?

. . . . No

Will the goalies be in Jabba the Hutt costumes?

. . . . No

Will the ball be painted to look like Tatooine?

. . . . No

But that does not mean you can’t fulfill your lifetime fantasy of attending a sporting

event as your favorite Star Wars character

The Mammoth will take on the Vancouver Stealth on Saturday January 4th

Keeping with the Star Wars theme fans can buy 3 tickets and get a 4th one free

Screen shot 2014-01-03 at 5.33.38 PM










Jump into your Millennium Falcon and enjoy the game

May January 4th be with you



Manning Brothers F.O.Y.P.

Next time you plan to make a phone call remember “your phone ain’t for callin your phone’s for footballin. DirectTV with a brilliant music video featuring the beloved Manning Brothers. Selecting the right spokespeople for your products is key especially when it comes to athletes. The times are changing and many athletes are bad representatives and can negatively effect a brand. Spokes-characters are the safe bet nowadays. The star power of the Manning brothers has been proven in Oreo commercials time and again. Peyton and Eli are true professionals and their behavior is never questioned. Peyton is known for his comedic witty commercials and they are now both known for poor rapping skills.

The key in having spokespeople is transparency, even Snoop Dogg/Snoop Lion is able to do commercials even though he is not the best influence. The key is that people know what Snoop Dogg is about, so his behavior is not going to be surprising. His behavior is even a play for humor in the wonderful pistachio commercial. If you had to pick the most transparent players in the NFL, Eli and Peyton would have to be in the top 5 wouldn’t they? If you had to pick them to represent your company or product who would be your top 5?


Major League Baseball, “The Show About Nothing”

By Justin McAdow

The Seinfeld series may be over but there is still a show about nothing on TV.  The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) recently released an article “Play Ball. . . Please!” The purpose? To answer the question “how much action is there during an average game?”

Action Defined By WSJ:

  • Balls in play
  • Stolen base attempts
  • Pitches (balls, strikes, foul balls, balls in play, wild pitches)
  • Batters running bases (including time during home run trots)
  • Pickoff attempts

The Results From WSJ:

  • 17 minutes and 58 seconds of action time
  • Average MLB game duration 3 hours (180 minutes)
  • 10% action to 90% no action

Confused? Me too. It seems like a Yogi-Ism, “They played 18 minutes of the 180 minute game” or “90% of the game we played did not exist.”  As a baseball fan and viewer of many games during the long season it is hard for me to comprehend. I started to wonder, when I am at games what am I doing during the down time? When I watch games on TV what do I do during the 90% inactive intervals? I doubt I am the only one that does the following:

Watching Live Broadcasts:

  • Channel surf
  • Use mobile devices
  • Use Internet
  • Socialize
  • Watch commercials

At Live Games:

  • Socialize with friends, family, colleagues etc.
  • Spend money on merchandise
  • Buy food & beverages
  • View countless in game promotions/advertisements
  • Get distracted by my female counterparts

Maybe not all of us do all of these every time we attend an MLB baseball game, chances are we all do some every time. Baseball is long, and now I realize that nothing really happens for a significant amount of time.

The game probably is too slow, and there are rules that could speed the game up a little. This scenario unfolded and really ticked me off as I was watching a game recently:

  1. Commercial break in between innings (Normal, and intuitive as teams switch from being on the field and batting)
  2. Pitcher warms up during the TV commercial break
  3. Pinch-Hitter announced
  4. Pitcher replaced by new pitcher
  5. Pinch hitter no longer allowed to play in the current game
  6. New Pinch-Hitter announced
  7. Commercial break

One Possible Rule Change:

A pitcher that has thrown one or more warm up pitches on the mound must face at least one batter during that inning in which warm up pitch(s) were thrown. Unless injury occurs of course. Yes I understand this rule will only work short-term and then baseball will take advantage of the injury exception, but it is a starting point.

The Final Three Outs:


The MLB does not care if games are 3, 5 or even 6 hours long. The longer you are at the park the more money you will spend there. The more advertisements they can expose you to and cash in on. As a young fan of the MLB, I would hate to see the MLB become egotistical in thinking they are invincible and do not need to adapt. We have seen the other side of this with hockey adapting to create a better product.


If the MLB does not adapt they will strikeout looking. The traditionalist generation is getting older and the new generation will not go to the ballpark as a setting to view their mobile devices. They will go if and only if there is more action in a consolidated period of time. I already have the campaign slogan for the faster paced game “Baseball on steroids!” Too soon?


I understand that baseball is a game of tradition and strategy but at a certain point even the die-hard fans will call to the MLB bullpen for something new and the MLB will have to warm up to a faster paced game.


Pro Golfers’ “Short” Film

Great Pro golfer campaign requesting a call to action to allow the pros to play in shorts. The dramatic video promotes golf in a funny way and explains how the game will improve with shorts. Excellent campaign, I say let them play in shorts. Other marketing opportunities: “A standard PGA Tour sock could be a great revenue generator” -Justin Leonard- Great marketing by Ashworth Golf. Would the players play better? Who knows but it is an interesting thought and great campaign. Via YouTube @JustinMcAdow

Kentucky Derby In 2 Minutes

The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Infographics
The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Infographics

One of Most Popular and fastest sporting events in the World. It is 2 minutes of fast-paced excitement that is extended into an all day event. From fancy hats, funny horse names, famous horse owners, and food sales the Kentucky derby is a sports marketer’s dream come true. What about an all-product brand named field? Horses with names like Gatorade, Nike, Kraft etc. Could be an interesting way for brands to get more involved, probably a stretch. Infographic via designed by DBS Interactive. @JustinMcAdow

Triple-A Team to Wear Star Wars Themed Jerseys

This is a great promotional strategy and my most popular tweets so far. Evidently there are a lot of Star Wars & sports geek hybrids. Based on how many people enjoyed this tweet this promotion will surely be a hit. One of the more unique promotions and oh yeah the jerseys are so cool and will be auctioned off with proceeds going to charity. Everybody wins, great sports marketing promotion. @JustinMcAdow

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